Basement Remodeling in Puyallup

Basements: they’re great for storing boxes, golf clubs and other bits and pieces but little else, right? When it comes to remodeling and home improvement services, basements are often overlooked in favor of other more traditional rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. However, in recent years in Puyallup, there has been a growing trend towards basement remodeling and JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC’s skilled and detailed home improvement service is front and center in this respect. With years of experience and a commitment to ensuring that basements receive the adequate level of remodeling improvement, combined with the most advanced remodeling techniques, there is no job too big or task too small for us. Call our Puyallup office today to schedule a free and conveniently timed appointment or to simply learn more about the range of services we offer.

Two Reasons to Remodel Your Basement

Let’s be honest about it, with real estate prices continuing to rise, there is never a bad time to maximize and increase the space in your Puyallup home. One of the surest and most straight-forward ways of doing this is to renovate and remodel your basement. Two of the most popular reasons for remodeling and improving your basement are as follows:

  1. Adding a Guest Room: With your children getting older, it may be time for one of them get a room of their own? Maybe you have an elderly relative moving in with you and need some extra space? Or perhaps, you want to free up some room for an expanding family? Whatever your individual circumstances, remodeling your basement to convert it into an additional or extra bedroom could be perfect for an adolescent son or daughter looking for more independence. Turning that cavern of space into an inviting guest bedroom is enhanced significantly with a well-designed cork floor. That, on top of minimalist furnishings could transform a basement into something altogether more interesting.
  2. Adding a Home Office: With more and more employees working remotely as well as the increasing number of freelance staff, it makes a great deal of sense to convert a musty and disused basement into a room that can become the center of your nine-to-five working day. Converting your basement into an office will provide you with the necessary peace and quiet to get all the work you needed done while also not compromising any of the benefits that come with being right at home.

High-Quality Remodeling Service Near Me

If you want a basement remodeling team that will do this challenging home improvement task to the highest possible standard, then you really need to look no further than JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC With a wealth of experience in all aspects of this industry, we can guarantee a quick and efficient service that will provide you with immediate and lasting improvements to how your home looks. Don’t take chances with second-rate remodeling teams, when the premier option is here for you to use.