Carpet Installation in Seattle

Now that you’ve made your carpet purchase, how can you ensure it will be properly installed? Protect your investment with worry-free carpet installation services in Seattle from the experts at JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC. Our reliable and experienced staff understands that clients require efficient carpet and flooring services to achieve excellence in comfort and decor.

Why Have Your Carpet Installed by a Professional?

Correct carpet installation is achieved through years of skilled experience. Not only is JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC equipped with the proper knowledge and tools to handle the basics of installation, our skilled technicians are also able to handle any carpet installation challenge with reliable expertise.

Preparing Your Seattle Home for Carpet Installation

JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC carpet installers remove and replace furniture and wiring and handle all objects in your Seattle home with care. In addition, our staff will remove and dispose of old carpets as part of a complete floor preparation plan that ensures work surfaces are smooth clean and dry. JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC works closely with clients to review any required changes prior to carpet installation that may include removal of baseboards or mouldings and provide customized services that include helpful recommendation for any necessary paint touch-ups once installation is complete.

Installing your Carpet

Successful carpet installation involves precision for seam placement that starts with proper planning and preparation. Once carpet material has been precisely cut, JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC professionals are careful to minimize seams and match patterns perfectly. Seam tapes are correctly placed and concealed to achieve smooth carpet transitions that ensure each piece is laid out to match the various heights of flooring and carpet pile. Although seams are ultimately inevitable, our experienced technicians are fully trained at avoiding doorways and other high-traffic areas and eliminating seams whenever possible.

Professional Carpeting Services from Start to Finish

JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC carpet installation technicians are equipped with a range of tools and techniques to customize your new carpet to the designated area according to your specifications and take every precaution to ensure a safe work area free from hazards. Careful cutting is designed to minimize waste and cut overall carpet installation costs. Carpet stretching is performed using certified equipment operated by qualified staff to ensure there is no wrinkling, bump or lumps and that your new carpeting is perfectly smooth. Our staff in Seattle will meet with you to answer any questions you may have prior your carpet layout and provide an informative final walkthrough and organized cleanup once installation is complete.

Once Installation is Complete

Carpet “shedding” is a normal part of the installation process. Vacuum your new carpet frequently for the first few days to remove any loose fibers and gently trim any when necessary. In addition, make sure to properly ventilate the area where new carpeting has been installed since hot melt seaming tape can produce a strong odor that may last for up to 72 hours after installation. JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC is always available with practical maintenance tips as part of our follow-up warranty programs for any carpet installation we provide.

Please contact our friendly staff to set up a free carpet installation estimate today!