Laminate Flooring in Seattle

Both practical and stylish, the experienced flooring contractors at JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC in Seattle provide laminate flooring installations perfect for updating the flooring at your home or business.

The Many Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Ease of Installation – Since laminate flooring doesn’t need to be stapled, glued or nailed to an underlayment, there is no smoother installation possible than the laying down of laminate flooring which is possible on just about any surface. In addition, JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC laminate flooring is installed using a simple yet strong interlocking system that attaches planks together and is complete promptly with minimal clean up.

Fine Wood Grain Appearance – Crafted to replicate real wood, today’s laminate flooring technology allows for a limitless range of designs and textures that so closely replicate natural flooring materials it can leave even the most discerning eye wondering if materials are natural or not.

Versatility – Since laminate flooring does not expand or contract like natural wood flooring it can be applied to almost any substrate including concrete, plywood or vinyl in almost any area of your home or business.

Durability – No other flooring material can compare with laminate flooring durability. Its reputation as a tough flooring material is well earned due to its high resistance to scratches and impact. In addition, laminate flooring stands up to even the harshest of UV rays and won’t fade over time even when installed in direct sunlight.

Choosing Your Laminate Flooring

JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC offers a variety of laminate flooring designs that replicate real wood floors remarkably. Whether you are interested in laminate flooring designs that are created to resemble rich hardwood grains such as cherry or maple, or those that mimic the lighter tones of beech and oak, today’s new technology translates to inexpensive laminate flooring that can compete with the most attractive and significantly more costly hardwood originals.

Wood Laminate Experts

JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC provides free on-site estimate and knowledgeable recommendations for choosing the most suitable and attractive laminate flooring designs for your commercial or residential location in the Seattle region. Our qualified laminate flooring experts will inform you of all the advantages and drawbacks of each manufacturer’s products and help you determine which type of laminate installation would best suit your requirements.

Laminate Floor Installation

Despite its adaptability and flexibility, JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC industry experts recommend that laminate flooring be installed by an experienced laminate contractor in Seattle for best results. The cost to install laminate flooring is well worth the investment to the exceptional streamlined design and elegance that laminate flooring provides.

Laminate Flooring Accessories

JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC offers everything from trim to laminate flooring transition bars, including matching laminate underlay, to meet a range of needs. Although an underlayment may not be necessary for flooring installation, consult with our experienced Seattle laminate installers regarding existing plywood, vinyl or concrete subfloor to adjust laminate flooring for noise reduction and moisture considerations.

For long-lasting performance and the stylish classic flooring you’ve always dreamed of at a fraction of the cost, contact JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC to schedule a free estimate.