Hardwood flooring in Tacoma

For a wide selection of pre-finished or unfinished hardwood flooring available in oak, maple, birch, ash and many more premium materials, consult with the experienced flooring contractors in Tacoma for quality hardwood flooring and a complete range of flooring services. We transform old hardwood flooring into a durable and attractive landscape that reflects your lifestyle. No project is too big or too small for our experienced installation and maintenance team who make customer satisfaction our number one priority.

Practical Flooring Advice

For do-it-yourself projects, or those that require professional assistance from flooring specialists, JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC provides qualified recommendations and flooring solutions combined with high-quality products to ensure superior results on any hardwood flooring project.

Extensive Product Selection

Choose from a full range of hardwood flooring from reputable suppliers. Use our easy shop at home service offers convenience from the first consultation to the completion of your hardwood installation. JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC consistently maintains a wide selection of popular hardwood flooring in a variety of styles and colours available at our MARKETCITY2% location.

Expert Installation

Our certified hardwood flooring installers are equipped with the right tools, knowledge and expertise and carry out skilled flooring installations in an organized and efficient manner. From the initial measurements and accurate price estimate, to the final walkthrough and inspection of your completed hardwood flooring installation in Tacoma, benefit from skilled installation and solid warranties on all hardwood flooring installed by the JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC team of experts.

Hardwood Flooring Accessories

We offer a complete line of hardwood floor cleaning products as well as installation supplies. Consult with our floor care experts for skilled maintenance and helpful tips to ensure that your hardwood flooring provides years of long-lasting performance.

Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC offers a full range of hardwood flooring maintenance services that include sanding and refinishing from our flooring specialists in Tacoma. Opt for a rich and natural look, or choose from a variety of quality stain finishes with skilled varnishing and tinting services that provide increased protection against scuffs and scratches and restore hardwood flooring to its original beauty.

Hardwood Flooring Advantages

Cost-Effective - Classic wood flooring doesn’t have to break your budget. Today’s wood flooring technology allows JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC to offer a variety of hardwood flooring possibilities that offer the beauty and durability of natural wood at a range of cost-effective price options.

Warmth and Comfort - In addition to its rich and natural appearance that enhances any home or commercial location, premium hardwood flooring functions as a superior insulator that provides warmth and a comfortable walking surface.

Promotes a Heathy Environment – Hardwood flooring does not retain dust, dust mites or pet hair making it the preferred flooring choice for allergy sufferers.

Easy Maintenance – Unlike other flooring that requires replacement at regular intervals, hardwood flooring can be updated and restored at minimal cost. In addition, tiny imperfections in wood as it ages can actually improve its overall look!

Consult with a JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC flooring expert in Tacoma for a free flooring estimate!