Hardwood Refinishing in Tacoma

Why pay to replace your entire hardwood floor when it may not be necessary? Benefit from professional hardwood floor restoration from the Tacoma wood floor refinishing experts at JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC. Add new life to hardwood flooring and save money and time with hardwood refinishing services that can be completed in one or two business days. Our floor specialists have been sanding and refinishing floors to perfection for many years and have developed a precise step by step process that guarantees long salting results and customer satisfaction!

What Can I Expect When I Hire a Professional for Hardwood Floor and Refinishing Near Me?

JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC technicians assess the condition of your hardwood flooring onsite at your home or business in Tacoma and provide detailed price estimates before beginning any work. Once you have scheduled a convenient time for your hardwood floor restoration project, our floor refinishing specialists begin with cleaning the surface of your floors with a nontoxic and safe yet effective solvent to prepare the hardwood surface for sanding.

Sanding Hardwood Flooring

Our traditional sanding method begins with using commercial grade coarse grit sandpaper and high-powered equipment during a carefully regulated process that is repeated several times to thoroughly remove wood stains and perfectly smooth out scratches and scuff marks. Carefully developed to produce as little dust as possible, JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC hardwood refinishing experts have developed sanding techniques and sand any awkward and hard-to-reach areas by hand. JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC floor professionals know from experience that the basis for a successful refinishing project begins with skilled sanding and carefully complete this important step using state-of-the-art equipment that is designed using the latest technology to limit dust and fumes. Ask us about the latest industry techniques for refinishing hardwood floors without sanding for even more convenience!

Hardwood Floor Staining

Choose from our wide selection of colors used for staining hardwood flooring that range from deep browns in a range of shades, to more vibrant tones with subtle hints of red. Highly experienced and skilled at refinishing hardwood floors according to the precise requirements of your home or business in Tacoma, certified floor specialists seal and coat hardwood flooring in circular motions to ensure an even application and clear any dust or debris by hand.

Hardwood Floor Finish

Once sanded and stained, JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC technicians apply a top quality polyurethane finisher with a handheld pad applicator to protect the stain and protect against future damage that results in hardwood flooring that looks like new!

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Experts

JM Hardwood Floor Specialists, LLC flooring contractors is committed to providing customer satisfaction to business and homeowners in the Tacoma region with professional floor maintenance services that surpass industry standards. We use the latest quality products and proven techniques carefully developed and improved by a team of wood floor refinishing specialists.

Contact our knowledgeable and helpful staff to discuss your particular requirements and learn how regular hardwood floor refinishing and maintenance not only increases the beauty of your home or business, but also significantly adds to its overall value. Contact us for a free wood refinishing estimate today.